417 Total Clean Professional Staining & Restoration Services

Make Your Home Stand Out From the Crowd

Stamped and stained concrete makes your driveways, walkways, patio decks and garage floors not only pleasing to look at but it also increases the value of your home.  With more choices than ever when it comes to style, color, design and texture 417 Total Clean’s staining & restoration professional technicians will guide you step by step in making sure your property is just as beautiful as the day you purchased your home.

Like many different outdoor decorative concrete choices, stamped colored concrete surfaces are also subjected to weather and organic/inorganic staining which, over time, can lead to fading, decolorization and deterioration.  The amazing exterior aesthetic appeal of stamp colored concrete will become faded and tarnished by a bombardment of different conditions such as rain, sun, sprinklers, cars, foot traffic, oil, barbeque grease, fertilizer, and much more.

This is why 417 Total Clean professional technicians are trained using only quality restoration staining products to protect and enhance the aesthetic values and integrity of you concrete. 

Our Process

417 Total Care uses state of the art cleaning equipment and quality staining restoration product on our maintenance and rejuvination of stamped and colored concrete projects.  No matter what the condition of your colored or stained concrete, restoration cleaning with our methods and products will make the concrete look like new again.

With the right soft washing procedures and quality concrete color stains allow us to use less pressure to reduce the risk of damage. Our exclusive concrete cleaning products use the latest technology, methods, and equipment available for optimal results. We guarantee results.

The cleaning detergents and staining products we use are safe and eco-friendly so you do not need to worry about your children or pets. 

Benefits from Concrete Staining & Restoration

Most homes have some type of poured concrete with a basic broom finish or salt finish with no color.  Even though the original pour did not include any concrete color, decolorization, spots and stains still occur.  417 Total Clean will take your old diminished, stained concrete and restore it to a like new adding more value to your home. 

Here are some of the benefits of having your concrete staining & restoration services  completed by 417 Total Care technicians:

  • Eliminates efflorescence and ground in dirt
  • Removes motor oil and other greasy stains
  • Eliminates most runt stains
  • Removes and remediates weeds, grass, moss and other growth
  • Adds to the aesthetic appeal and value to your home